Tyler d. Morgan

Instagram - @tylerdmorgan

Blu Waves Aromatherapy

My business is called Blu Waves Wellness. I create personal care centered products and sacred spaces that merge emotions, mindfulness, and wellness. It was created out of the desire to cultivate more intention. Possessing intention when relating to my body and atmosphere. Existing in this space has passionately inspired me to share it with others.

This brand is a creative form of alchemy that was fervently awakened in my spirit succeeding the transition of my great grandmother. Most of the elders in my family are on some type of medication and have diagnoses with dis-ease. Sharing preventative ways to nourish and tend to one's physical, emotional, and mental body is a key mission of Blu Waves Wellness.

My product line began with creating candles; they lit the way and guided me towards creating plant based body care items and products for the atmosphere. From essential oil and herbal based body oils such as Roots of Love to the Herbal Heating Aid...These intentionally concocted creations will continue to develop as I grow closer to my truest self and the Earth.