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the LOVE Revolution continues

Lei Lei Lashawn is an alternative health educator, performing, visual, and healing artist. She played the classical student long enough for a Associate in Arts degree after Art School. She then graduated from Massage School and deepened her eastern studies with a Qigong and Chi Nei Tsang certification. She teaches a class, The Medicine Inside, and practices qi kung daily.


She plays her drums 


 She began her healing journey very early in life. She has spoken at multiple women's conferences on the power of positive touch to heal our past. Lei Lei survived a sexual childhood trauma, so she values the reciprocal ways we can positively touch one another. Her mission statement "Using art and practicing love to balance the addiction our society has to hatred and violence.  

She plays her drums


She recycles what life offers daily into her ongoing performance art piece "the LOVE Revolution continues" which started three years ago. All of her art is for sale. Her music is sold online, her book "I am No one in the Oneness" will be available in December, and she performs where ever the LOVE takes her.


She plays her drums. 


the Performance ART

the LOVE Revolution continues...

Next Performance:

March 23rd

7pm @ Deep Vellum Books

To Book: 214.810.1424

the Healing ART


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